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About Me

I'm Remy and this is where I showcase some of my work. Gameplay programming is what I love most but I have experience in and enjoy working with Shaders, OpenGL and Physics. I also have extensively used several Game Engines including Unity, UDK, Ogre3D, and a little UE4. This collection is a mix of educational, personal and professional projects.

I graduated from the game programming course at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands in June of 2016, after which I worked as a Gameplay Engineer at KnapNok Games until April of 2017. When not home, I greatly enjoy travelling and going to game jams and building games with friends old and new.

Presently, in addition to my responsibilities as Co-Founder at Half Past Yellow, I also do client work and I'm always looking for new, cool things to work on! Have a look around and feel free to get in touch using the buttons below!